Never Recovered

She read right through me in a way I think only people who have gone to school for decades can. She saw my soul as though my body was nothing more than a panel of glass and the making of my being was on display inside a glass case at a museum. And I've never met, to this day, someone who had me pinned quite at well as she did. I've never met someone who tried so hard to learn everything about me in only a few hours. And she did.

We got to that Starbucks at around three in the morning and ended up leaving just after noon. By then, her band was worried they hadn't seen her all night. Michelle was panicked and said they needed to talk. And even my brother was worried when I didn't come home from work. But, while we sat in that Starbucks, nothing else mattered. I could have listened to her talk, forever. But, then the phone calls started coming in waves, and, we came back to earth to deal with our responsibilities.

Sam walked me to the apartment I shared with my brother. She hugged me and said "don't be a stranger", with a smirk on her face that said she knew what I was thinking. Even if I wanted to be nothing more than a dream to everyone I ever encountered, Sam knew the difference. She knew I was real. She could see the desperation behind invisibility, having felt it at some points herself. But what was worse about her knowing I was real, was she made me want to feel it, too. I cite that conversation, that 2 am latte, as when I knew I was in love. I didn't see it at that point. But looking back, that morning I fell in love with her. And I never recovered from the impact.

(Excerpt from "Three Tales of Not Quite Romance")
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