to Those From pof

I did NOT delete my account.

POF terminated my account and informed me I would not be able to make a new one in the future. The reason they gave was that my account was in violation of the terms of service. So I read the terms of service. I couldn't find a single issue. In my opinion, my account was clean.

I tried to reach out to the customer service department. I only got an automated reply, nothing real. I'm hoping to get this sorted out, but, I'm not thinking it's in the cards. It sucks because I was chatting with a few peeps who were interesting. People I hadn't given my number to, sadly. I can hope some of them will think to look me up, but, that's doubtful.

Truthfully, the reason I went back on POF to begin with was to meet someone new. New. As in, to replace my thoughts of the last person I'd met. I guess the universe decided that was the wrong reason to be meeting people. I thought it was smart. Also, a good distraction from the fact that I can't do anything else. My favorite place in the world, the one place I go to soothe my soul, is closed. What else am I supposed to do?

I've got to say, trying to get M out of my head has been difficult. I don't know how someone I hardly know could root so far in such a short time. It's like miracle grow went to work on these roots and BAM. Now there's a tree, grown in an impossibly short amount of time. I know there's an adage that when you can't get someone out of your head, there's a reason.

I think I'm just losing my mind, to be honest.
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