Monday, September 7, 2020

In The Flesh

The moment I saw you in the flesh, 
My heart beat right out of my chest. 
You were even more handsome face to face, 
The butterflies in my chest started to race. 
I was nervous, stumbling over my words.
You had me tongue tied, it was a first. 
I don't need to know your history 
To know that you're quite unique. 
I know that you have strong values, 
You play with the hand that life dealt you. 
But you're motivated when you need to be, 
You'll make the changes you need. 
You're not afraid to fail and fail, 
You get back up and start again. 
I can see the passion in your face, 
Your determination to do anything. 
In your eyes, I can see the pain, 
But that you don't let it win
You keep a peaceful demeanor, 
Even if inside you're screaming. 
I've never met anyone quite like you, 
My heart couldn't help but swoon. 
I could easily see that smile, 
On those lips that drive me wild. 
I could swim through those deep eyes, 
I could get lost in you for the rest of my life. 
I know that you're unavailable, 
But I would happily be your girl. 
Even if we had hell to go through, 
I'd do it gladly if I had you. 
You told me upfront, right away, 
Not to catch feelings, you couldn't stay. 
Even if we feel for each other, 
I know you belong to another. 
But if I could just sweep you away, 
I really hope you'd choose to stay. 
In a world that defies reality, 
I hope you'd want to be with me. 
I know how many people would say
"It's too soon" to feel this way, 
But some people set fire to the soul, 
Bringing light the unknowns. 
It was like waking up from a long dream, 
Like my eyes were finally opening. 
The cage around my heart unlocked
The moment I saw you in the flesh. 

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