Don't Ask, Don't Tell


I'm always anxious and that anxiety makes me overthink and when I overthink, I end up questioning everything that has ever happened and will ever happen to be and everyone I've ever known. These thoughts keep me up at night. They distract me during the daylight hours. My curiosity wants the answers to everything. I want to know what my best friend from gradeschool is up to, even though it's been 2 decades. I want to know the meaning of life. I want to know why I'm never the "first" option and always end up feeling second best or unlovable. 

But do you know what I've learned? The answers don't always make you feel better. Sometimes, they only make you feel worse. The answer to one question may leave you with 15 more questions. Sometimes, it's better not to ask. It's hard to have these questions circling. But it's harder to ask dangerous questions. 

Don't ask, don't tell. 

I don't know if I'm be able to follow that rule. But I know I've got to try because I can't take the answers. 
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