Hung Up On You

I'm so sad 
and nothing is working to distract from that. 
I don't know what I'm supposed to do 
to get over you. 
I should have asked if this was the end, 
maybe then I wouldn't be waiting for a text. 
I know it's never coming, I do. 
I just want so badly to be with you. 
I'll drive myself insane 
trying to figure out if you feel the same. 
I know it doesn't matter though, 
I need to let you go. 
You're not someone I'll ever have to call my own, 
and it's pathetic that I'm even holding on. 
But I'm not one to deny how I'm feeling 
and right now, my heart is reeling. 
It's circling around the thought of us 
like a vulture in the desert. 
I'm starving for you attention, 
I even tried an intervention. 
It didn't help because 
there's nothing that compares to us. 
We're undefined and I love it, 
I wish I had more of it. 
By it, I mean you, of course. 
I want you so much it hurts. 
I don't know if you really wanted distance 
or you're just too sweet to say it's the end. 
If it's distance you were looking for: 
absence makes the heart grow fonder. 
Every second you're not with me, 
I feel empty. 
You make my heart feel full of life, 
You make the stress feel so light. 
All my anxieties disappear 
whenever you're near. 
Please tell me what to do
because I'm hung up on you.

Hung Up On You Hung Up On You Reviewed by Ali Larsen on September 18, 2020 Rating: 5

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