In My Relationship

I want someone who is going to treat me like a goddess. Not worship me, but appreciate and cherish me. I'll treat him like Adonis in return. I'll write him poetry and buy or make him sentimental gifts. He'll help me when I need it. He'll be patient with my illness. He'll be caring, loving, tender... Behind closed doors, I want to be his slave. He'll treat me like garbage, but in a respective way. After he's done using me, he'll hold me in his arms and tell me I'm his entire world. His aftercare will be compliments and petting my hair, while holding me tightly in his arms. It'll be a give and take. Neither will get "our way". We'll meet in the middle, compromise equally. We'll communicate about the good and the bad, and be respectful of each other's opinions. Always. We'll have a safe space between the two of us. We'll be a partnership. I want equality. I'm sensitive and sentimental and I want someone who appreciates that. Me. I'll take every opportunity to show him how much I appreciate him, but he won't be on a pedestal. I'm human. He's human. We can both make mistakes. I'm not expecting perfection, nor will I ever pretend to be perfect. I want real. We can create a dream world together. But we'll always be real. 

In My Relationship In My Relationship Reviewed by Ali Larsen on September 23, 2020 Rating: 5

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