Credit to athenasnoyl on Deviant Art. 

I stood in front of him, bearing my heart in my hands. Blood dripped through my fingertips into the sidewalk. The crimson color mixed with the rain puddle between our bodies. He was silent. The world slowed. Even the traffic in the background faded out. The lights flickering behind me illuminated the look on his face. It was emotionless. 

It was like he had never experienced an emotion in his entire life and not a single muscle knew how to change the look on his face. I felt my heart shrinking as the silence grew between us. If this had been a movie, it would have shown my existence fading or the screen would have gone to black. It would have been the end, and not a good one. 

But it wasn't a movie. It wasn't an ending. It was just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her. It was too much. It was overwhelming. And yet, I knew it would be freeing in the future. I'd look back on this moment as the moment I got the answer I needed to move on with my life. But we weren't there yet. It fucking killed. 
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