Going Down

Verse 1
You said it was going down.
I said it was sinking.
I knew you were wrong,
But let me heart escape me.
I believed in chances,
If only for a minute.
For that I was wrong,
And yet you still persisted.

Hope can't keep a ship afloat,
When the iceberg tears right through it.
Now the ship is really sinking,
And I'm standing by what I said.
Captain, call the shoreline
And tell them that we're done.
The war is over now and
We weren't the ones who won.

Verse 2
A fight for love is pointless,
Contradicting to itself.
The meaning of love is not to fight,
Yourself or anyone else.
I guess you missed the memo,
When you told me to hold strong.
I always knew in the end,
That you would be wrong.


Verse 3/bridge
Next time I won't fall so hard,
Instead I'll put the white flag up.
Give up before it even starts.
Walk away, and just move on.
You won't fool me twice,
Once is quite enough.
I won't bother swinging,
Captain, we're going down.

Going Down Going Down Reviewed by Ali Larsen on December 27, 2020 Rating: 5

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