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Self Image

NYE outfit - in bed by 9

You have been the light in an otherwise dark tunnel. Although I would never put my happiness in the hands of anyone but myself, I'm not too proud to admit there were times you were the only thing that made me smile. I was on a dark path, a path that lead to getting badly hurt. You saved me from that, and in doing so, you may have saved my life. You made me see that other people cared about me. You showed me, taking it one step further. I just never realized that my wellbeing could impact anyone else. But I'm on a better journey now. It's not an easy one, but they never are. No lessons come from an easy ride. The hardships teach us who we really are. You have helped in building that view point. You have helped in building my strength. You've lifted my spirit. You've made me laugh so hard my stomach almost burst. You made me smile so much, my face hurt for days. You are truly amazing. The best gift I could have ever been given is someone who encourages me to be a better person without making me feel bad for the way I am. I can never see myself through your eyes, but I'm working towards it. I'm working towards myself. Because of you, coming into my life from nowhere. And at one of the strangest times in my life. A Time, I think, I really needed that outsider. You feel so familiar now. Like a friend I've known for 20 years. I like that. Feeling like there's someone I can be myself around. Even if I'm still figuring that "self" out.