The List

[from the vault]

Baby, don't disappoint me.
If I let you in, hold you closely.
Too many people have sworn before
That love will break down the door.
But the fortress around my heart
Has taken too many lives to count.
I don't want to put your name onto
The list of those who came before you.

Verse 1:
Love is something I don't understand.
Though I try, I can't comprehend.
It's like a joke without a punchline.
A song without a single rhyme.
A canvas without the paint.
Love is war and I can't seem to win.

Verse 2:
I always want to believe
The next in line will achieve
Something no one else has before.
Some come close, but don't come closer.
Loneliness comes with the game:
I'm an animal that can't be tamed.

Verse 3:
Let's pretend for just a second
You could break into my fortress.
What exactly would you do?
Try to be my sun and moon?
Try to be my Mr. Right?
I hate to burst your bubble, but...

If you try, you will fail.
Inside this fortress is hell.
Screaming at every hour.
I try to stay calm but it gets louder.
I wouldn't wish this eternity
On even my worst enemy.
If you truly do love me.
You will let me be.

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