I wish I could say that the scars he left behind were only skin deep. That he meant nothing to mean. He was a toy. My toy. Merely a plaything that would entertain me until I decided I was done. The reality is he undid me. Every wall I had put up around myself became putty in his hands. Every defiant bone in my body turned to powder. He was able to bend me and shape me into his toy. He was able to break me open. That was his reward, but it wasn't good enough for him. He had to leave me broken in his absence. Aching and longing like he was my life line. He liked being pursued, yet he had me tricked into thinking I was in control. I never stood a chance against him. It was hardly a fair fight. He was animalistic. I mistook it for passion and fell in love. 


Mistake Mistake Reviewed by Ali Larsen on April 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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