She Changed

It happened over a year ago. She started acting different. At first, I didn't think anything of it. No one did. Then she quit her job, divorced her husband, and started hanging around with a questionable crowd. It wasn't long before she was living in a van that didn't even belong to her. Then JJ came along. He was a real winner too. Unlike her husband, JJ had nothing going for him. He lived in a small apartment. He couldn't hold down a job. Oh, and he rode a motorcycle. I told her I didn't like him when they first started dating, and my opinion hasn't changed. She tells me not to judge, to give him a real chance. I couldn't be bothered. He's not the type of person I would want around me. Yet, he's always around now. I should have known that was going to be a problem when she moved back in with me. She was coming with baggage, I knew that. Even if she never told me what happened, I know people don't just leave their lives behind for nothing. I just didn't realize her baggage had names. Hailey and Jason. 

She Changed She Changed Reviewed by Ali Larsen on May 20, 2021 Rating: 5

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