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The Bar Logic

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One Day At A Time

Book cover one day at a time

"Time is hard to keep track of when you're living on the road. This story follows the tour of a rising band and coming to terms with their new fame. Their journey includes personal struggles, both within their relationships and within themselves."

The story follows an unnamed/unidentified character as they journey through the rockstar life. You'll read about backstage antics and the stardust that blinds those who live in the light. You'll see the struggle of trying to survive in a fast-paced world. You'll see the struggle of trying to feel like you belong. You'll also see the relief of finding those who make the struggling feel worth-while. Although incorporating many real-life experiences, this novel is totally a work of fiction.

You can purchase "One Day At A Time" by Ali Larsen on any of the sites listed below:


Alternatively, if you live in the GTA, you can contact me to work out an in-person purchase. 

Three Tales of Not Quite Romance 

Three Tales of Not Quite Romance

In life, we each encounter those special people. People we couldn't image our lives without. For most of us, those people are nothing more than fleeting moments. The lucky ones hold on, have something more than scars and stories to show for the hearts they've held. These are three stories of those special someones who were nothing more than fleeting moments.

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Clothing & Apparel

I have a store on RedBubble, where I post photography/art that you can put on almost any surface. This includes clothing, male & female, accessories, and even home decor. Have you ever wanted a line from a poem on a mouse pad? Well, now you can fulfill those dreams! Not really, because RedBubble doesn't have mouse pads. But you can get a line from a poem on a t-shirt or a print.

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Is there something you want to see in my RedBubble store? I'm always taking requests. All you have to do is contact me and tell me what you want (what you really, really, want). I'll let you know when it goes live.

It's useful to note that with RedBubble, I don't control payments or shipping. I upload my designs and the made-to-order company fulfills your order. If you have any issues with a product you've purchased, I won't be able to help you. Of course, you're welcome to let me know.