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This is your disclaimer; Don't have your mom or some lawyer contact me if you're offended by anything you've encountered. It's not my problem if you're a sensitive snowflake. All opinions on this website are that of myself, Ali Larsen. I do not speak on behalf of anyone other than myself, although I speak about many other people. As a writer, I take influence from anything and everything around me. All work is a combination of fact and fiction, yet to be determined by S&S. The lines are blurred. Memories fade and new ones develop from nothing. I take no responsibility for anyone or anything I have remembered incorrectly. The "truth" is relative. If you wanted to be spoken nicely of, you should have behaved better. Writing is all mine, not to be used or distributed without credit. Oh, and there's some adult content on the website (mostly swearing and suggestive text). I advise younglings to keep away. 

This website, NeverSigningOff, is demonetized. We do not advertise, private or publicly. We do not use AdSense, Amazon Affiliate links, or any brand affiliate links. If Ali chooses to talk about a brand, it is only because she wants to. Any money made from this website is made through services rendered, product purchases, or donations.

Please be also aware that when you leave our website, other sites may have different privacy policies and terms which are beyond our control. Please be sure to check the Privacy Policies of these sites as well as their "Terms of Service" before making a purchase or sharing any personal information. If you choose to disregard this warning, WJKG cannot be held responsible.

All the content on this website - www.neversigningoff.com - is published in good faith.

Most of the photos used on NeverSigningOff are fair-use. Most images from Pixabay and RawPixels. Although, Ali has taken to using random photos from the internet (mainly Tumblr). WJKG does not indorse or condone these actions. If you find something on the website that belongs to you, please use the contact form to get in touch. WJKG will remove any content used without the owner's consent. If you are comfortable with the image being used and would like credit, Ali will happily add your information or watermark.

Any of the “glitter graphics” seen on NeverSigningOff are made by Ali using Photoshop and Jasc Animator Pro.

Social icons are made by Agta at GoodStuff No Nonsense.

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If you require any more information or have any questions about our site's disclaimer or any information found on NeverSigningOff.com, please feel free to contact WJKGxNSO.
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