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Resource Page

Mental Health Resources

I know how hard it is to reach out when you suffer from any mental illness. This page is intended to give you the resources you can use to try and help yourself. I am always looking for resources to add to this page, so if you know of any I haven't included, please make sure to get in touch!

If you're into using a bullet journal or printables, I recommend checking out the mental health printables from The Petite Planner. You have to join the mailing list for access, but Erin only pops into your inbox when she has something amazing to share.


Psychology Today; The articles on here are mostly aimed at a professional level of understanding the issues involving mental illness. However, there are many interesting reads within the site. I should also add that these articles are not always backed by science, but sometimes just opinions.

***** = All links marked with 5 stars include worksheets and printables.

Apps (For Android!)

I know there are a lot of mental health apps on the market, but not all of them are going to be helpful. I'm are only sharing the apps that I personally found useful.

Daylio is one of my favorite mood-tracking applications. It allows you the ability to customize your own moods and activities. This means you can track exactly what YOU want to track, not just the typical tracking stuff. It's great because it's basically a planner journal on-the-go. It works offline so you can always access your history and input new logs. The app is also free to use unless you want bonus features or the ads removed. - Ali

Replika is a conversation bot that is fairly useful. It's limited in depth, but it can help if you're bored and just need a distraction from your own thoughts. Alternatively, you can use this application as a responsive journal. The bot asks questions about your day plans, goals, and even personality. Occasionally, you'll get notified of a new token or personality trait the AI has associated with you. This can help you to unlock more of yourself as well. Check it out. It's free of charge.

Vent is an app that allows you to share thoughts, similar to Twitter. Except, it's aimed at struggling individuals like yourself. Users can comment and give you support. This helps you to feel less alone and less hopeless. You can also chat in private with other users if you'd like. It's definitely worth checking out. It's free and a great resource.

Creative Writing Resources 

The first resource I'm going to share is my go-to, no matter what I'm looking for.

E. A. Deverell has dozens of worksheets that you can download and use to build any size story. Sign up to the mailing list and start building your masterpiece. Click the link above or on the image below to head over:

Think Written; Tips, prompts, and ways to make money with your writing!

My Vocabulary; Word lists for everything you can think of - an essential addition to any writers toolbox.

Write Smarter, Not Harder; Great for character development, complete with worksheets.

Now Novel;  Tools to get you writing RIGHT NOW.

Writers Digest; Education, resources, tools, and even communities to help you be the best writer you can be.

Well-Storied;  Free courses and workshops, plus a blog with many helpful tips.

Spring Hole;  Although it's primarily a role-playing name generator, there are many great options that writers can take advantage of.

Make A Living Writing; If you want to make money through your writing, this is where you need to go.

Random Word Generator; There are just too many generators on this site to list, but they are all useful beyond expression. From names to random words and even sentences, you can generate exactly what you're missing.

Song Lyric Generator: Exactly what it sounds like, taking song lyrics from popular songs and mashing them together to create something new. You can choose the genre and a basic theme and just go from there.

Plot Generator: From the same people who brought you the song lyric generator comes the plot generator. This one gives you a few options for genre, then lets you choose what you need (including an opening scene - how awesome is that!). Make sure you check out all the generators that are available through Masterpiece Generator.

Inkitt Writers Blog; Articles & advice for the writer of any skill level.

Apps (For Android!)

Note Everything; Allows you to write text notes & record audio notes. The best part about this note app is that you can easily export the text notes onto your phone.

Writing Exercises; This is a generator that can give you sentences, character descriptions, subjects & plots. You can generate at random & save your favorites for reference later on. I really like the character one. It helps when you're in need of a background character.

Writer Tools; This is a great resource for tracking your progress. You can create a project, choosing time frames & goal words. You can also create custom lists, for resources like the ones listed here.

Loffee; This is a lo-fi background noise app. There are dozens out there, but this is one of my favorites. There isn't an endless selection of music, but the playlists are simple and get the job done. I put this on when I need to tune out the outside world, but not get distracted by my music.

I also recommend downloading an offline Thesaurus - You never know when it may come in handy!

Self-Publishing & Marketing Tools

Coming soon!

Planner Resources

A collection of resources involving Planners and Organization, including printables and more!

Vintage Glam Studio

Link to planner resources

Victoria Thatcher Printables