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Welcome To NeverSigningOff.com
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Hello friends!

If you don't already know who I am, I'm Ali Larsen. I'm the author of the novel "One Day At A Time" (available on Amazon). This page is a breakdown of everything you can find on this website.

Author Card
Author Card


I sell books, clothing & accessories, wax melts, greeting cards, bookmarks, and more! Right now, I am focused only on promoting One Day At A Time. I'm working on the finishing touches of my second masterpiece. If you are interested in seeing the other products I have for sale, you can click here.


I am a freelance content writer, which means I research subjects and write about them for clients who want quality content on their own website. I have worked with over 200 clients in the past 2 years and all of them have had nice things to say about my work. If you are looking for a writer, please check out my freelancing service page here.


I keep all the articles I've written that clients weren't happy with (and yes, that happens) and post them here. Sometimes, I write articles just to share on the website. My main focus is writing about mental illness and struggling to live a productive life when you're suffering.

I consider myself a philanthropist because I'm most passionate about helping people. 

With this goal in mind, there is also a blog section on this website. I don't want anyone thinking I have it "all together" or anything. I share my struggles and the lessons I've learned through the challenges I face.

My goal is to be 100% authentic in everything I do.

I hope that you'll find value on these pages, whether it's answers to your everyday questions or inspiration or simply encouragement. Please, make yourself at home!

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Before you go, can I ask you a favor? 

I'd love to hear what topics you find interesting.  So, please tell me what's on your mind using this form below. This will help me to create content that is relevant to you and your personal needs. It only takes a few seconds!

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