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Hello. My name is Ali Larsen.

I'm a published creative writer (One Day At A Time, paperback available on Amazon), a freelance content writer, and a lifestyle blogger. I also paint, make jewelry, love graphic design & have a passion for organizing. I thrive under pressure and enjoy maintaining deadlines. In fact, deadlines are often the only way I can get out of bed due to my otherwise crippling depression. When I'm not engaged in some creative endeavor, I'm brainstorming and watching television with my cat. This is the life of an artist.

Never Signing Off is a combination of 3 things:
  1. Books & Stuff - I'm a published author and creative entrepreneur. I am always taking on new projects and when I do something new, I post it here on the Store page.
  2. Freelancing Service - I'm also a content writer for hire. I write articles and website content that will engage many different audiences. If you're interested in my service, visit the Freelance page.
  3. Posts - Although posts are not my main focus, I do share the articles I write. My main focus is on mental health and the problems that tag along (relationship difficulties, self-care, productivity, etc). 

My main goal is to help people because that is what I'm most passionate about. Everything I do is with that single goal in mind, from writing to wax melts

With this goal in mind, there is also a blog section to this website. I don't want anyone thinking I have it "all together" or anything. I share my struggles and the lessons I've learned through the challenges I face. My blog is not meant to be "professional", it's meant to be real.

My secondary goal is to be 100% authentic in everything I do.

I hope that you'll find value on these pages, whether it's answers to your every day questions or inspiration or simply encouragement. Please, make yourself at home!

Oh, and one more thing: I really want to help you, my readers. Rather than post articles that don't help you, I'd like to know more about the topics you find interesting. So, please tell me what's on your mind using this form:

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