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The Problem WITH PC Culture

I needed to share this video... I have many opinions on this generation of political correctness. But every thought I have tried creating ...

The Problem WITH PC Culture

I needed to share this video...

I have many opinions on this generation of political correctness. But every thought I have tried creating lacks the elegance of this 2 minute video. Seriously.

Although JP Sears usually does comedy and mocks everything, this video is serious and to the point. Seriously.

Final Journalling Cards

I mentioned in the last post that there were 2 parts to the post. This is part 2: Journalling cards. I'm sharing any journalling cards that I have left on my phone, even I have already posted them previously.

This post may mark the LAST TIME I post Freebies. Why? Because they get no love. Mostly from myself. I tried getting into journalling as a means of dealing with my stress, but I only found myself making excuses to not bother. Just like I do with everything else. There's no need for making these images when there are so many out there. I may continue sharing great designs by other people, but, I can do that over on Pinterest. If you're not following me yet, what are you waiting for?

Alright, so, here are the last journalling cards. As always, if you do print these and use them, I'd love to see pictures. You can now tag me on Instagram (@neversigningoffline) to share.

Weekly Planners

As many of you know, I had made a few different week/day planners and I intended to post them periodically. Mixed with regular posts, you know? But life has just been hectic, mostly in my head, and I just haven't been updating. As a result, there are a few random designs I have sitting on my phone that need to be uploaded.

This is a 2 part post. This part is the weekly planners. The next part? Any remaining journalling cards that I have made, laying around. Please check back soon for that post!

Oh, and share these on Pinterest. It brings a lot of traffic to my website. Maybe with more viewers, I'll feel more inclined to post on here. It's hard to want to write a new post when I know the only daily viewer is my mother.

As always, these were made using Canva.

Put A Smile On Your Face

If you're ever feeling particularly low, put in headphones and watch this video.

If you're feeling adventurous, try looking up the other ASMR videos on YouTube. Between ambient settings and BFF role playing, you're bound to find something that will help ease your anxiety. I can't even explain why this works so well, but, I'm sure you can find the benefits without understanding the science.

I hope this works for you as well as it has been working for me.

(a real update may be around the corner - stay tuned) 

Goal Planners You Can Customize

I've done weekly planners. I've done monthly calendars. What could be missing from the DIY coloring collection? 

Goal Planners, of course... 

Calendars You Can Color

I've already shared the weekly planners with you guys. Now I'm back to share the monthly calendars. You can color these in, however you want. If you want, send me a picture of your design and I'll post them on here!

Day Planners

Today, I'm sharing a few day planners with you. The first three are made using the Canva app. If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly recommend it. You can create your own printables, such as day and week planners. Even calendars. There's pretty much nothing you can't make using the Canva app. 

The best thing you can make are amazing instagram posts.