Starting With Baby Steps

I just read an article written by someone who was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. As a result, she was learning how to cope with her illness. The article was old, so it was still something that had a stigma. It's not the same anymore, now that everyone seems to want to have a mental disorder. Everyone talks about it now. When this article way written in 2009, that wasn't the case. Now, my purpose to mention this article wasn't the article itself but what it made me realize...

I am only coming to terms with my depression now. That means regardless of how long I've suffered, unaware of the illness that was eating me alive, I am only NOW moving towards a cure. Or at least coping. I am at the beginning of a very long journey.

Her article compared starting her rehabilitation to being a toddler, learning everything over, but with a different understanding. She also mentioned how regardless of the strength she used to have, she's learning how to live with none.…

Vision Board

TW: Depression

One of the ever illusive goals I have is to put together a vision board. I know that it's recommended by literally everyone: therapists and counselors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, etc. A vision board is, by description, is a visual representation of the goals you want to achieve. Some people put them into time frames and others just craft a mosh pit of things they love, want, etc. I've seen some pretty crazy vision boards and no two ever look the same. Largely, the style and design of any vision board is a reflection of the creator. How they see themselves and how they want to see themselves. Goals, dreams, aspirations. A dream home, a dream car, money love, etc. A vision board is always filled with the elements we want in our future that are missing from our present. Mostly, these boards are created to instill a sense of inspiration. Ambition. Determination.

I want to create my own vision board on a sheet of card stock. The problem, for once, isn't the lack of…

Something For The Writers

I was a big fan of MySpace. I met some of my best friends in the early days of the space. That's what we used to call it... Okay, no one called it that. I'm just kidding. The point is, I loved it. Along with great friends, I found some of my favorite bands through marketing. Like most other people, it broke my heart when it closed. I thought it was amazing. I know, most of the population fled to Facebook. But I've never been a fan of Facebook. That's the reason I don't have an Instagram, too. When Instagram was bought, I knew that Facebook would likely ruin the concept. Trust me, I only saw crap on my Instagram. And the nudity rules just confused the bubbles out of me.

There is a point to this story...

I was recently thinking about a character development sheet. I need one to throughout develop my characters. I know other people use these templates too. There are dozens out there when you search for character development worksheets. But if I'm not inspired by …


I've stared at his number for what seems like an eternity. I know what I want to do and this is far from it. I wanted to reconnect. I wanted to be able to talk, share laughs. Like we used to. I wanted to be his friend. Unfortunately, I knew he no longer felt the same. I tried and tried to make a connection. Every time, it seemed to be a failed effort. It was like watering an already dead plant. Sure, there's a miraculous chance of recovery, but the effort...

Talking to him had become a responsibility far greater than I could bare. It wasn't worth feeling the rejection every time he didn't respond. Every time he brushed off an attempt at conversation. It's not like I didn't ask him how he felt. He was always reassuring me that he wanted to be friends. He was always "just in a bad place right now". He never wanted to hang out, didn't respond to any texts. Hee said he was that way with everyone. I believed him, at first. I gave him space, tried to be…

Nonsense (& Something For YOU)

I'm not going to let my lack of a working laptop prevent me from EVERYTHING I want to be doing. I have Canva on my phone and Pinterest at my fingertips. I have access to endless ideas and inspiration. I even have access to a boost of motivation via the writing community of Twitter. Twitter is the social platform I find the easiest to work in. Mostly because I'm a writer, right? I do text things, not photos. Instagram isn't my idea of a good time. It just makes me feel shitty about all the things I'm not doing and makes me feel sorry for the people who feel the need to make other people feel that way. There's no balance on Instagram. It's either drama or fake, and often both. I stay away from there,even if I'm missing a golden marketing opportunity. Pinterest is the way to go because it eliminates the social aspect of social media, while still providing all the networking and sharing benefits. Anyone on Pinterest can get love, as long as they're active.

Computer Crazy

I got cocky, always talking about how fantastic my laptop is. Yesterday, what started as my video player not responding turned into an operating system error. Nothing would respond. Every time the computer was turned on, everything crashed right away. I tried to look up the answer online. Everywhere said there was likely not enough space on the computer. Okay. That makes sense. Too much clutter and the system can't run. Right on. I got this. I spent all of yesterday removing everything from the computer that didn't need to be there. It took over 6 hours. Of course it did. This morning, I'm excited to turn in my computer and see everything in working condition, since all that space is free now. No such luck. Everything is still unresponsive and I can't access any windows files.

Maybe I got a virus?

Now my system is resetting. I'm so grateful I still have the installation disks. That makes my life so much easier. And it's not my poor computers fault. I was tryin…


This week, I want to say happy birthday to 3 individuals who have made a lasting impact on me and who I am. I'm not going to mention who they are, because that's not the point. The point is, I drew the card you see above in honor of 2 of them. One got a poem, the other just got my time. I've been mentally putting together a scrapbook of memories as a better gift, but I lack the motivation to actually put it together. Of course I do. I lack the motivation for everything and we all know this.

The point I want to make about the card is that it wasn't done on time. It wasn't done well. It isn't even technically finished. But, I did it. In my own time, in my own way, I still managed to put *something* together for that special person. If the thought is what counts, then I hope everyone knows how much I love them.

I don't think I show any of my friends enough love or appreciation. I know they have all dealt with a great amount of drama because of me. I could sta…