The Same Song

If good things come to those who wait, Then I must be expecting something great. I've sat quietly, stayed out of sight, In the hopes that you would just live your life. Free of the burden that is me, But that's not your intent, so it would seem. The biggest distance can't create A gap between us, this is fate. The Universe is testing the two of us To see who breaks the silence. I'd accuse myself of wishful thinking, Looking for what I want to see. I'm often discarding reality, But I get the feeling it's not just me. I feel your presence, in heart and soul. Though I hoped you'd forgotten me long ago. When you randomly pop into my mind, I know that I'll never leave this behind. This goes deeper than having closure. It has nothing to do with any exposure. The seeds that we planted together When we first met each other Continued to grow, even when abandoned. Like they knew something we didn't.  If I could erase you from memory, I would do so happily. I…

The World Of Sales

I'm not a salesperson, and I never will be. Even if I were 100% confident in my product/service and truly believed I was the best option, I wouldn't push a buyer into a sale. That's a personality flaw, but I'm convinced I can use it to my advantage. I'm interested in learning about sales and how the average salesperson manages to get repeat sales. I'm reading the little red book, written by Jeffery Gitomer about sales questions and answers. For the most part, this book refers to being a salesperson – maybe for car insurance or a magazine subscription. Not everything he writers about is applicable to who I am and where I see myself in the future. However – there is always something to be learned from the experience of others. Experience is honestly the most valuable currency and the more you read, the more wealthy you become. In that sense, I feel I'm already swimming in cash. But, it never hurts to have more, given the power of knowledge (money). Money tal…

Follow Your Heart

I plan to commit to writing in the near future, since my freelancing career gone under. I can't really say I'm miss it though. It was hard with almost no pay out. I'd make $5 for an hour of work or more. Obviously, undervalued. Add in the pain caused by my CTS. I did it because it was pocket money. I'm grateful for every cent I've made. The reality is, I was hoping I'd make connections. I wanted a few clients I could work for that would keep me occupied and give me that and financial security. I may come out with those connections. I intend to reach out to those few clients once I've finalized the decision to close my Fiverr account (it turns out they started taking extra money without telling anyone and I won't support that). But if I don't, I'm not at a loss. I believe the wax melts are my "calling" for many reasons. It's much easier on my wrists. It's fun and calls for some creativity. And, the best part is, it can help peo…

He's Not A Boy



This song has been stuck in my head for DAYS... I guess it's my new soundtrack?

Making My Own Tarot Deck

I'm rolling around the idea of making my own deck of tarot cards. Not for selling or anything. The deck would be for my personal use only. Each card would be designed to match what the card represents to me, personally. I'm not entirely sure I'm going to do it. If I do, I know where I can get a professional feeling deck. Something on the Pagan Amino shared a card making website. It seems like a really good idea. But then again, I say that about everything. Just because I think it's a good idea doesn't mean it actually is. Or even if it's a great idea, that doesn't propel me forward to make it a reality. Along with my tarot deck, I'm planning to:

🍕 Do weekly tarot readings and post them
🍕 Put the writing course together & sell it as a. Zip file
🍕 Make an ebook of writing prompts (original and other people's) - free download
🍕 Put together my "how to start a blog" course and sell the PDF
🍕 Make an ebook of the writing challenge stor…

The Shape I'm In

Today, I got a letter in the mail from myself. It was part of the behavior course I finished in May. In the last session, we wrote letters to ourselves and left them behind. The facilitators were going to send them out at a later point. This gives us just enough time to forget what they said, so it comes as a surprise. I knew it was coming in soon, so I've been watching for it. I didn't remember word for word what the letter said, but I remembered the theme: keep in touch with your inner voice and don't strain yourself to "change".

If you're new to the experience of me, you don't know the history. You don't know the years of struggling with my mental health. You don't know that I knew something was wrong with me even as a child. I did, for the record. While other children had fun just playing around , I always struggled with finding a reason to smile. I was bullied sure, but it never struck a chord because I was always more cruel to myself than t…