The Key To Effective Social Media Management

It's safe to say that digital marketing is the new leader in marketing. With the digital age came many options for getting your brand in front of a wider audience. You can now reach people across the seas, anywhere in the world. You can share the same message across a universal platform. The best part about digital marketing is that it costs only a fraction of it's ancestors. In fact, if you market correctly, digital marketing can be absolutely free. How, you ask?
Effective social media management.

The key to digital marketing is social media. There are million of active users on any social media platform at any time in the day. This is the biggest audience you can make yourself. You just have to know how to effectively manage your social media marketing.

Step 1: Plan.

The first thing you need to do is plan out your strategy. If you don't have a plan, you can't take proper action. Without action, there can be no results. Now, your plan should involve deciding your target audience as well as what you're targeting. If you have a product, that is what you're trying to market. If you have a service, you're largely trying to market yourself. Once you know what you're trying to get in front of people, you need to know who to put it in front of. You'll need to do a little bit of market research and decide who your audience is. For instance, if you selling fishing equipment then your audience is fishermen. If you sell Tupperware then your audience is men/women of the house. Knowing your audience is an asset.

Step 2: Analyze

Even if you know all the information above, you'll need to track some statistics. Once you've started marketing yourself, you'll need to know how you're doing. You can track this through Google Analysis  or any of the social media platform statistics. You'll want to know how many user engagements your posts are getting and how much traffic you're getting to the URL you're promoting. Once you know the type of content that is getting the most attention, you can create more of that content. You want to put out content that your audience wants to see, as well as share with others. This may mean short videos and info-graphics. When you're tracking your statistics, pay attention to the demographics of your interactions. You may realize you have to adjust your target audience.

Step 3: Engage.

You are going to want to engage with your audience. Social media platforms make this extremely easy. You can reply to the comments that other users leave you. You can like shared posts. You can send random messages to people who frequently like your posts. You'll find all this information right on the dashboard of most social media platforms. This way, you can tell people you appreciate their support. Consumers like to feel special, so when you reach out, you're making a lasting impression.

Step 4: Use tools.

There are many tools for social media management that will make your life much easier. Instead of visiting each social platform individually, you can sign up to a service like HootSuite or Buffer.  These tools actually allow you to use multiple website from a single dashboard. They work with the most popular social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also schedule your posts from the dashboard within these tools. Make use of these tools to get the most out of your time.

Step 5: Be Unique.

Finally, the hardest part of social media management is unique posts. This actually goes beyond posting something unique to yourself. It means posting unique content on each social media platform. If you post the same message across each platform, users will just be sick of reading your posts. You'll likely be unfollowed in a mass amount. To avoid this, use unique descriptions. Of course every post you make should be exclusive to you, unless you're using quotes. There's nothing wrong with using a famous quote when you're posting an image. It helps to drive business to you, while saving you energy. Always make sure to credit something that doesn't belong to you!

Do Men Really Know What Women Want?

I've read a lot of articles that guide men on attracting women. This advice ranges from playing hard to get to teasing a prospective date. As a woman, I can't say I agree with these tactics. If you were teasing me, I wouldn't bother replying to your texts. Not because I have no sense of humor, but because I have questionable self-esteem from years of not-so-playful teasing. It's not a turn-on to me. I wouldn't chase someone, either. I wasted years chasing people in the past. I want someone who is upfront about what they are looking for. Don't all women? It's not too much to ask. But, with crap advice like "tease her, she'll love it", you can see why so many men swing and miss.

The dating game is a trial and error kind of thing. There's no right or wrong way to do anything. While I don't like teasing, another woman may actually find it intriguing. Another woman might enjoy the thrill of the chase, of finally capturing the man she had her eyes set on. I can't know what every single woman in the world is looking for. But I can say being honest is pretty high up there, right? Maybe not too honest, there is certainly a line that can be crossed. But it's better to be brutally honest about something than to be sweetly insincere. Insincerity can never be appealing.

Guys, if you're playing hard to get: She's going to think you're not interested. She's going to think you're stringing her along. She's going to stop chasing you or trying to win you over. She's going to leave. A few women might enjoy it, but it's not a standard. We want someone who wants us back. We want to know we're desired and sought after. We want to know we're getting as good as we're given. We're not looking for easy loving, but it shouldn't be a damn marathon either. If you're actually interested in a woman: LET HER KNOW.

I wish I could get inside the mind of the advice columns I've been reading. To truly understand why men seem to think their tactic works. Part of me wonders if these columns are written for guys to mess up intentionally. Somewhere, there is a genius sitting behind a computer screen, typing out these articles. They get posted online where men, struggling to make a connection, read them. Those same men go into the world using that advice and they bomb. They bomb so hard they pull out of the dating game altogether. Suddenly, there's more room for the men who actually know what women want.

I mean, just watch the movie if you're not convinced! Not every woman wants the Christian Grays of the world.Sure, there are a few. They just don't represent the majority of us.

Next time you're chatting up a girl you're interested in, ask her what she wants. Ask what kind of man would be her ideal. If she describes someone sweet and sensitive, teasing & hard to get is going to lose the game for you. If she describes someone confident and independent who speaks his mind, you might have a chance with teasing.

Just remember that every woman is different, without different likes & dislikes. Don't categorize everyone into the same shape or you're going to find no one fits your ideal.

How To Use Social Media To Connect To Others

We're all guilty of finding ourselves stuck in social media timelines. No matter which social system is your go-to, you've likely lost track of the time you've spent on the apps. This can obviously be damaging to your productivity, as it takes time away from things you need to do. But wait, don't you need to socialize on social media to build brand awareness? Yup. You do. You need to be following people who are interested in your niche. You need to be meeting new people, making connections. So how do you use social media to connect to others, without getting lost in the timelines?

The real secret is: Limit yourself.

You may ask, how can I be productive on social media if I'm not on social media? How can I make connections? The most productive people will all say that social media can be a plague. Not only on your time and energy, but on your mental stability. Too much social media actually tends to disconnect us from one another. Limiting how often you're using any system is the best way to control how you use them. You should set aside a few minutes each day, for each social media platform that is important to your brand. A benchmark of 15-25 is good. Some people feel the need to spend more like 45 minutes, updating Instagram and liking new posts. Pinterest can take a good deal of time too, since the ideal is about 10 pins each day. More important than setting these limits for yourself is actually keeping them!

There are apps you can download that will monitor the usage of your phone, showing you exactly how long you've been on a social media app (or any other app). Of course, knowing you spend too much time on your Facebook timeline doesn't help you to decrease the time you spend. So, set yourself reminders. Use the alarm system on your phone (or download another app) and set yourself reminders to shut it down.

If you're having a hard time staying away from your phone, there's an app called "Forest: Stay Focused". The idea is that you are growing a beautiful tree, but every time you touch your phone, the tree starts back from the beginning. In order to see it fully bloom, you'll have to leave your phone alone. This is a great app for any time during the day that you should be focused on something else.

The idea of social media is that is it supposed to connect us to one another. Then, why is it so draining? There is too much focus on the media part, and less on the social. Think about your most recent post. What was it? A photo on Instagram? A pin on Pinterest? An update on Facebook or Twitter? How much time did you think about the content you were posting? You likely thought about who would see/like/favorite/share/comment on it, right? Now, ask yourself, how much time did you spend as the audience? Did you discover any new accounts today? Did you have any new conversations with people you'd never spoken to? How many posts did you like/favorite/share? Did you actually comment on any of them?

We can often get lost in the idea of social media, while letting the social side of our brain remain dormant. Newsflash: in order to be social, we have to socialize!

Here's your goal for the week:

Monitor your social media usage (with an app, or a pen and paper - whatever you feel most comfortable doing). This includes how many posts you make, how many posts you comment on, people you follow/unfollow and people who might follow you. Jot it all down somewhere! At the end of the week, take a look at the time you spent, versus the productivity you saw from that time.

Cherry Cola Wax Melts

For fan's of Cherry Coca-Cola, these wax melts are a must-have! The combination of black cherry and vanilla creates a scent that almost perfectly replicates the classic beverage.

This set contains 5 wax melts in total. 1 large and 4 smaller ones. The not-so-exact measurements are:

Large: 3in L, 3in W, 1in D
Small: 1.5in (all dimensions)

Unless you're fancy and have a large melting pot, you'll likely need to cut the large one in half (or more).


Students Guide To Eating Healthy On A Budget

Starting the new school year can be exciting, but not for your wallet! Students tend to spend every dollar they have towards tuition, books, supplies, and accommodations. That means there isn't much money left over for eating well. You're probably thinking you'll get buy on microwave dinners, canned goods and anything else cheap. Unfortunately, eating healthy plays an important part in your well-being. So cutting corners when it comes to dinner isn't the best option. Instead, try looking for ways to eat healthy, while staying budget-conscious.

Frozen vegetables.

When you find a really good deal, buy up a few things and freeze them for use at a later date. You can do this with a variety of vegetables, which can help keep your costs down. You can buy vegetables that are in season and freeze them for consumption after the season. This way, you won't have to pay more for out of season vegetables. If you usually buy your vegetables frozen & bagged, use a steam cooker instead of the stove-top method. This will help to maintain nutrients and the taste, plus it's fairly inexpensive.

Shop the sales.

ALWAYS look for the best deals. Collect flyers and compare the prices of what you need. Buy from the place your food is cheapest. Look online, too. You can almost always find printable coupons that you can present in the store. You can often just download these coupons to your phone and show them to the cashier. If you find a store that offers Price Match like Walmart, you can save money too. You'll be able to get the cheapest prices from one location. Pay attention to items that require purchasing more than one. Also, make sure to only stock up on non-perishable goods. You can stock up on meat and freezable vegetables as well, but follow the next tip:

Date your perishable goods.

By writing the date on perishable goods, you'll be able to prevent the waste of food. This will help you to keep track of the date something was opened so you can gauge when it's going to go bad. This is really helpful for milk, eggs, and other perishable goods. You can also add the date to frozen goods (like meat and vegetables) so you know when they are going to get freezer burnt. You'll also want to apply the first in, first out rule that restaurants use. When you're stocking up goods, you want to make sure the oldest stuff gets eaten first.

Plan your meals.

It's fine to buy up a bunch of food when it's on sale. But when you're shopping at regular prices, you need to carefully plan your meal. You'll need to know what ingredients you need for certain dishes. You'll want to find out the cheapest way to get those ingredients. For instance Fresh spices are always the best, but you can easily get away with packaged spices to save money. Your wallet will thank you for carefully considering everything you need at the lowest prices available. This might include trips to bulk stores for items like sugar, flour, etc.

Stay organized.

Along with dating your goods, you need to keep your food organized. This will allow you to have a better idea of what you have or don't have. This can prevent you from buying stuff you don't need, while helping you to keep track of what you're missing. You can do this with a legend, writing down everything you have. Or you can do this with a phone app. There are many that allow you to keep track of what you have in the fridgefreezerpantry. Just make sure you're consistently updating the app. This way, you can check from the grocery store to see what you're missing at home.

Download apps.

Along with applications to help you stay organized, there are others that can be helpful. Epicurious, Whole Foods Market, and CookBrite all let you search recipes, then check off the ingredients you have. Then they create a grocery list of everything you're missing. This will help you to stay organized and know your options. You'll be able to find all kinds of recipes that are easy to make and inexpensive.

There's no reason you should have to compromise your health for your wallet. If you want more amazing tips, Frugal and Thriving has many budget-conscious solutions! Take advantage of their recipes and budgeting resources.

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