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The Book Store

My debut novel is titled "One Day At A Time" (a little cliche, I know). The story follows an unnamed/unidentified character as they journey through the "rock star" lifestyle. You'll read about backstage antics and the stardust that blinds those who live in the light. You'll see the struggle of trying to survive in a fast-paced world. You'll see the struggle of trying to feel like you belong. You'll also see the relief of finding those who make the struggling feel worth-while.

Although incorporating many real-life experiences, this novel is a work of fiction.

You can purchase "One Day At A Time" by Ali Larsen on any of the sites listed below:



Along with writing, I have a variety of other artistic branches. Among them are photography and painting. Rather than try and sell my paintings, I decided to use RedBubble to offer you, my loyal customers, the chance to buy my work on almost any surface. You can buy wall art and what not. You can also buy my designs on clothing! That's the cool part. I mean, it's cool to me. I would love to see people wearing my paintings or photography on their clothing.

To visit the RedBubble store, please click the (temporary) banner below:

Support Bracelets

I've also made support bracelets, available for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their support. These black rubber bands feature the website URL in white writing on one side. The other side of the bracelets features the URL of Leah Knox, one of Hamilton's artists. These are free with any other purchase, but can be bought separately as well.  Below are the specs of the bracelets themselves:

$2.00 CAD (+$3 standard shipping outside of Hamilton)
If you would like to purchase one of these, just send me an email. Put "bracelet" in the subject and I'll send you an invoice through PayPal.

Assorted Goods